When Life Hands You Lemons


    I am so full of joy to tell you about a Well-Loved series starting this Sunday! Since the lemon coin purse's release, I have wanted to use them as a conversation piece to talk about life's ups and downs. This Sunday, we will begin our Mother's Day series, When Life Hands you Lemons. When Life Hands you Lemons will feature 5 mothers who are very important to me, speaking about a time in which life has presented them with an obstacle, and how they overcame it with resilience and gusto. So many unique women have imparted their wisdom and strength into my life.

    This Mother’s Day, Well-Loved celebrates keeping the past alive, family history, and creating new items with old-world quality and heart. Each featured mother has been given a lemon coin purse to celebrate their strength and resilience. Please join Well-Loved as we celebrate these unique women and their stories this Mother's Day. Every Sunday at 12:00pm Eastern Standard a story will be released leading up to Mother's Day. Please share your own stories with us by tagging us on social media or sharing them in the comments. #lemonslifewl

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