The Quality 

     I grew up on the Southside of Chicago with an appreciation for the “old world” way of doing things. My mother has a biscotti business using my grandmother’s famous recipe. My father is a mechanic who restores antique cars. I learned to sew when I was nine and started making clothing design patterns on old gift wrapping paper. My designs flourished after I earned my BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I studied Fashion Design and Traditional Shoemaking. 

     I realized I wanted to craft leather goods that are quality, unique and durable when I was working on my college thesis.  In search of inspiration I found quality heirlooms in my dad’s childhood home. I was impressed with the level of quality in these cherished goods and wondered why they were missing in my present time. I wanted to share the quality and durability that these heirlooms possessed. The things we love should be crafted honestly, and precious enough to be passed on to future generations.


The Heart 

When you open up your Well-Loved purchase you should feel like a loved one just made you a birthday cake from scratch with the all the best ingredients. I work diligently to use the best ingredients in my purses and I craft each purse with love. Every purse has a tag reading, "you are Well-Loved." My hope is that the tag will remind the owner they are well-loved, no matter what the circumstances. 

The things we love should be crafted honestly, and precious enough to be passed on to future generations.