Finding Cinematic Glamour in Fields of Marigolds (7/26/13)

Hello Loves,
    The past three weeks have been excitingly hectic, but that's life I guess. I was so excited about doing my "inspiration cleanse," then I got so busy creating my newest collection and keeping up with the demand for my burlap coffee sack wallets. I have been thinking about my blog in the back of my mind, and definitely feeling guilty. It's like when a friend is calling and you keep missing them, so this will be our super cozy long phone call where I will catch you up on the latest in the world of Well-Loved. I have in the past done some collage work, creating these scenes from different magazine textures and colors. It's like a view into my mind and I like to think of my purses as souvenirs from my own little world. I had a physics teacher in high school named Doc Brown, and he always said, "If you don't like the world make up your own." I dream of a world where the colors are maxed out like on Pushing Daisies and details are sentimental. I am so ecstatic about my latest collection, A Tungsten Day. I have been in love with every detail of each purse since I started creating it about a week and a half ago. There is this gorgeous accent color seen in the lace pockets of the Gatsby and the embroidery on the Wallace, that is what I like to call a deep marigold. The linings for this collection are vintage florals, and a paisley polka dot print that looks as if it were painted in watercolors. The buttons have this amazing 1950 Hollywood starlet feel, the glitter and color palette is glimmering and fresh. 

    In this collection I also proved that brown and black can go together. My color philosophy is that any colors can work together if it is done right. This collection for me, feels so much like it arrived from my dream world and I am so excited to share it with you. The Collection is called, "A Tungsten Day." When I see this collection I am taken somewhere else. It's a 1950's california starlet sitting in a candy apple red classic car pulled over on the side of a highway. She ran away from the city for a day, still in her glamorous and glimmering evening gown. She steps out of the car and sees that the highway in lined with fields of vibrant wildflowers: marigolds, poppies, and roses the color of hard candy. There is a sweet smell in the air like clove cigarettes and gardenias, and the sun is warm upon your skin. I think of the warm and beautifying glow of a summer sunset, tinting everything is touches with a tangerine tungsten hue. Imagine you are in that beautiful summer sunset glow and enjoy a first look at the collection. 

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