On the north side of Chicago stands Horween Leather, a tannery with over 100 years of experience, and a reputation for the best leather in the world. Horween is one of the only American tanneries using American hides and believe that fast and cheap is not best. Each hide is hand selected, then tanned with old world methods and a recipe 5 generations old. The hides come from the meat industry so nothing goes to waste, and the leather is vegetable tanned which is better for the environment and colored using natural dyes. 


"We should take the best of everything; the best hides, the best oils, the best dyes and finishes – then we do whatever it takes to make that leather the best. The price goes on last, and if we cannot sell it for what it is worth, we should not make that leather."

- Isidore Horween, Master Tanner and Founder, 1905 - 1948